Monday, May 28, 2007

No shoes or socks thanks

I'm sure I've visited that challenge before. Here are some possibilities:

Sandals with no socks?
Those jelly shoe things?
Bare feet?
Some of those little leather baby shoes? (like - that's not me spamming, it was just the first google hit)

Some children go through a stage where they HATE putting on shoes and socks before going out, but once they are outside smelling a flower or something, you can slip them on without the child even noticing or minding. Or leave them off till you get to a piece of rough ground and then offer the shoes.

Are you sure the shoes are comfortable? That'd lead me towards the baby shoes because they are just so soft.

I spent most of my childhood running around with bare feet, except when I was in a nettle patch or among too much chicken s**t :-)

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