Friday, May 04, 2007

Giving it Time

Child is angry when pulled away from things...

Often if adults try to hustle a child along, they'll scream blue murder, but if the parent just waits, the child will be ready soon. Sometimes it can help to say to yourself explicitly "I'm not going to suggest moving for 15 minutes" and lo and behold, ten minutes later, the child is halfway out of the door ready to go home.

If there are toys or places a child is getting a lot out of, make as much time for that thing as possible. I know one mum who spent about an hour in the gift shop each time they went to a local attraction, and then after 6 or 7 visits, the child had pretty much sucked all the fun out of the gift shop and was never there for more than 5-10 minutes. She told me she spent a grand total of about £5 in all those visits...

[PS that's a made up hypothetical, but I first posted it on the kind of mainstream board where people give real examples all the time]

Plus, I don't agree with time warnings. I think one should allow enough time on expeditions for toddler pace, and always have snacks etc so there's no pressure to get home for a meal. I'd always leave a child on a toddler ride till they were ready to get off.


because why is the parent's timetable so much more important than the child's?

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