Wednesday, October 13, 2004

my new blog

Well, this is very exciting. I've paddled my toes in group blogs but I've never had my own blog before.

I am planning a few book reviews (The Continuum Concept; The Natural Child; With Consent; whatever I read next - some John Holt probably)

I want to write about:

Not disciplining children
Not schooling children
Charity shopping
Talking to strangers
The relative merits of Torres and Settlers

So that should keep this going for a week or so, which I understand is the standard shelf-life of a new blog.

Two pieces of personal information to divulge:
I love lists so much that I have been known to make lists of lists. Borders on listeria.
I love writing to commission, so commission me in the comments. Reactivity as standard operating strategy is why I am more likely to win at chess when playing black. :-)


Dawn said...


Camille said...

Very good!! glad to see you do it :)

Elliot said...

with white play move 1. a3 (pawn in front of queen's rook forward one square). this move is actually helpful in a lot of openings. and then you get to react afterwards.