Wednesday, October 20, 2004

List #1: the best ever ready meals

These are my favourite options for those days when you do not want to cook, just eat, because you are in the middle of something.

4. buy a takeaway from a really good curry house. Only comes in at #4 because if the curry house is any good it'll take them 20 minutes to cook it. Besides, by the time you've been to the curry house and home, you've hardly avoided interrupting whatever you were doing.

3. cheesy peas. This used to be my personal favourite ready meal. cook frozen peas. Grate cheese. Add cheese to peas. Eat. [It's a personal variant of magma, the baked bean and grated cheese budget standby, for people who like baked beans better than I do]

2. Look in freezer for something I cooked in huge quantities one day when I felt like cooking. heat. eat.

1. Best of all... it's basically the same as #2, but someone else cooked it in the first place.

I love freezers and microwaves. I also think I may be the only reason why these things are still made.

1 comment:

Elliot said...

yummy rdy 2 eat foods include:

chips (crisps?), ice cream, bread, cereal, cooked steak in fridge.

yours all involve cooking in my book.