Friday, June 19, 2009

The worst things about the badman recommendations

...apart from the report being prejudiced, ill researched, ill informed, poorly argued, way outside its brief and all the rest.

- suggests giving powers to LA employees to detain (ie insist on interviewing) or enter private homes without probable cause. Massive. Surely should be an immediate deal breaker.

- suggests giving power of veto over HE provision (its style or it happening at all) to LA employees. Rather than them having power to gather evidence and take a HE family to court, they would now have the power to act as prosecutor, judge and jury.

Underpinning both is the overturning of the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

These seem to me to be massive enough that all the rest - the smears, the lack of appreciation of Autonomous HE, the spinning, the complete disregard for the views of HEers - is just the cherry on the iced bun.

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