Friday, June 12, 2009

call to action...

In the next week or two, I intend to send that message about all vegetarians being inspected etc to my MP, and ask him whether the lib dems would promise to revoke any law leading from this report. They have a whole thing going on about [[ take back power]] and I think if we phrase it right we might be able to get then to see this attack on civil liberties as something they should loudly oppose

I have a feeling the conservatives are on our side. Isn't it shocking when the labour lot are clearly the fascists? But I might write to Mark Field and ask if I can do anything to help him spread the word.

I think I will write to Camilla Cavendish. This seems to me to have a kinship with the horrors of the closed family courts, which she has campaigned against. To have the Times on our side would be good.

Ditto Daniel Hannan (is that his name?) at the Telegraph. He's definitely a libertarian type and, again, might well move the DT to help.

And that makes me wonder if there's anyone at the Mail - because they would have a field day with this if we span it the right way.

The Guardian has that splendid HEing journalist who is I am sure doing what he can

In any news report I read, if I read a rentaquote saying something wrong or ill informed, I am writing to them waving all my titles and asking what basis they said that on since, oddly enough, I haven't come across it in the educational literature or in personal experience, and I'd be very interested to learn what evidence they have. Not demanding anything from them, just politely asking what expertise they have which leads them to make that statement. If 100 other people do that, the rentaquotes might think twice.

I'm quite close to exploring whether any of Balls or Badman's stuff might count as defamation. I was having a dream last night in which Balls found himself agreeing to an out-of-court settlement in which he immediately resigned his parliamentary seat, but not before cancelling the consultation and any planned legislation. It was only a dream.

I want to find out from lawyers if there is any way that the populace can, en masse, opt out of a piece of unwelcome statute law. If there is no consent of the governed, how do we tell them so?

And I will not, I repeat not being reading either the review or the consultation document until I can do so in a suitably zen frame of mind.

Oh, and I make a prediction that house prices within 15 miles of glasgow and edinburgh airports will sky rocket in teh next year, as those of us with difficult-to-leave jobs find ways of commuting from notb... am wondering whether I should buy a house up there quick while there are any left to be had for love or money...


Anonymous said...

The analogy puts things in perspective, but I don't think vegetarianism is the best comparison to make. That's an healthy diet according to their standards.

The tories are on our side just because they are currently the oposition.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I was thinking about defamation and a class action. We need the right lawyer.

They don't have standards,Leo. They're a bag of thieves. I don't listen to criminals to tell me how to run my life.


Lindsay said...

There was a report recently about how children are more likely to be abused if they live in a home which contains a non-biological parent. I used that analogy rather than the vegetarian one in my blog. Could you imagine if the government had to approve a person's partner? And to have automatic right to check out their house and chat to their children alone to make sure they were okay with living with the non-biologically-related adult??

Anonymous said...
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Lindsay said...