Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Watch What You Eat

The UK government is introducing food grants for pregnant women to try to get them to eat healthily. No kidding, this is real.


It seems to me that it is a somewhat short step from such a grant to a system where all pregnant women are required by law to eat 2 meals a day in government-registered cafeterias, where their food intake is carefully monitored by nutritionists and the number of spoonfuls is counted by new public sector employees.

Oh yes, tax me a little more please in order to pay for such madness.


Anonymous said...

How will they make sure they are eating healthy food and are not chavs spending it all in fags?

You were also taxed to pay for my benefits and my child's cancer treatment. Does it only make it immoral when they take your money away for things you don't want.

I'd really like to understand the libertarian perspective.

emma said...

They can only make sure of healthy food intake by monitoring what pregnant women eat, hence the somewhat frivolous prediction of supervised cafeterias.

This is refecting current UK society, where personal responsibility is being increasingly subsumed by state responsibility.

your second paragraph deserves a full answer, but I have to rescue a pigeon which just flew into my window so I'll do it later

NB the pigeon is a complete lie.