Sunday, March 04, 2007

on bed sharing

parent is trying to get child out of her bed and into his own...

Is there a safety reason why he shouldn't sleep in your bed?

Perhaps you could put his bed across the bottom of yours and sleep head down so you are face to face together.

Or make a nest of mattresses and duvets on the floor and snuggle down in a heap.

2.5 seems very young to me for a child to want to sleep alone.

If sleeping in his own bed/ room is something he chooses when he's ready, there'll be no stress at all.

Also worth thinking: what would your child have to do to persuade you that both would be happier and better rested if you shared a bed or a room? Sometimes our children are wiser than we are :)

Parent still worried about hour long bedtimes

take those extended bed times as relaxation time - to read a book or meditate or listen to music or watch a film (with headphones on).

If child trusts you'll be there when they wake, they are more likely to fall asleep without fear, I think.

Maybe bedtime is too early? Some people give up on bedtime entirely. THey do bath and stories and snuggles and maybe energetic rumpus, and then when child is tired, they'll fall asleep without needing hours of soothing.

I also suggested books on tape with IPOd or walkman

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