Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My child throws food out of the high chair all the time

If child is interested in an activity, find a way to help them get LOTS more of it safely and with parents being happy.

How about a carpet picnic on a big sheet? Then food which gets dropped can just get back on to the sheet?

How about passing child loads of objects for throwing while they are in the high chair?

Jenga blocks are fun.

Plastic balls can easily be gathered into their container with a broom later.

Buttons of different shapes, colours and sizes might be fun (if choking hazard doesn't worry you) and can be swept up with dustpan and brush.

Play dough is divinely wonderful. You can do all sorts of different colours, the cooked kind and the uncooked kind, different flours give v. different textures... also wonderful for throwing in small balls.

Paper aeroplanes are of course good for throwing.

Buy a child-sized table and chairs and decamp down there so child can sit at the table for exactly as long as they want.

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