Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How do I protect precious ornaments from my child?

I think if there are communal expensive things a parent wants to protect, then they need to find ways of protecting them without hurting the child.

If things get thrown at TV, put TV in one of those 1970s cabinets? Then the doors can get quickly shut as the throwing begins. Having something on the outside of the cabinet worth throwing things AT would be cool. (like a target painted on or someting)

You could have a whole row of good things to throw on a mantelpiece or shelf so there's always something to hand.

eggs. Buy very very cheap ones. Play outside. Hose down afterwards. Or actually break eggs into a bowl to make scrambled egg, but have a good play with them first.

Make cornflour+water paste (fun texture in itself) and leave to dry in the sun. It goes cracked like a desert. Crumbling the chunks into tiny tiny pieces is cool.

Bottles of water to splash around outside might be a fun substitute for breaking - and for splashing in afterwards.

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