Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Playing at Maisie's house

OK, I don't actually remember any of the names in this brief encounter, so they are made up, but the shape of the conversation is real.

I met Jeremy (aged 5) on his way back home with his mother after a week at Granny's house.

Mother "I've spoken to Maisie's mum, and you can go and play there tomorrow"
Jeremy "I don't want to play at Maisie's; she never lets me do what I want to. I want to stay at home with Billy and Jilly (little brother and sister) because I've really missed them"
Mother "we'll see"

WE'LL SEE??? WE'LL SEE??? How articulate and rational would this child have had to be to have his preference considered???

Strangely enough, "I don't want to go to school on Monday, it's boring" received about the same level of serious attention. "nonsense. You can see all your friends" "I can see all my friends anyway"

No kidding. I heard this exact conversation. :-(

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