Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Do you remember lie-ins?

Always asked of one parent by another with a knowing sneer. It goes along with the new-parent question "Are you getting enough sleep? Of course not *ha ha ha*"

Western parenthood = sleep deprivation for most people.

Here are some creative alternatives I have encountered, which take into account the wishes of both children and parents:

Encouraging a small child to regularly stay up till 10pm. Se then happily sleeps until 9am (say), giving the parents the option of a lie in. The child also gets to spend time with a working parent who gets home late.

Going to bed when the child goes to bed, or soon after. Not conducive to evening socialising - best reserved for families who prefer their social life during the day.

Sleeping in the same bed as the child, or allowing the child to come into the parental bed whenever se needs. Many pointless hours are spent by many parents pacing the floor trying to persuade their child to sleep in their own bed/cot while everyone gets distressed and exhausted. Waste of time, I say.

One challenge remains - when the clocks change in Spring/Autumn, or when travelling into different time zones. One painless solution is to ignore the clock change entirely until everyone gradually adjusts to the sun... but what do families with external non-asynchronous-friendly commitments do?

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