Saturday, October 17, 2009

home educated, not hidden

Walking along with old college friends today in a part of town miiiiiles away from where I live.

Random man in sainsbury's uniform walks by.

"Hello Emma!"

"Hello Tim! How are you?"

"fine. How are you all?"

My college friend "what is this, do you live in Eastenders?".

"No. This is what happens when you home educate. You are on first name terms with the check out staff at the local supermarket. Home educated; not hidden."


Jax said...

blogger needs a like button :)

Firebird said...

LOL! Yeah, we get that too. Hidden? Dd is a local celebrity! ;-)

Kelly said...

I was once shopping at Costco, and a woman called the police and said I was abusing my three-year-old because he was covered in bruises. He had been eating a chocolate ice cream cone and smeared it everywhere. I was well known for shopping early in the day, *with* my children. The Costco staff were furious, and all offered to be character witnesses for me.

Carlotta said...

We've had a similar experiences.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wtf? I don't call anyone in the supermarket by name?

We also rarely do groups and typical home ed things and I hate the vigilantism culture in the home ed community to be honest.

You will never fight this if you let evil breed from within uncriticised.

People are spreading the Peter Connely story on Facebook. Except a lot more phonecalls to the police.

Cyfaill said...

I know it's been a while since you wrote this, but I am just so pleased that I get your references.