Thursday, November 13, 2008

home education among the safari animals

This is an absolutely glorious story about a girl whose first decade was spent with her parents (wildlife photographers) in the wilds of Africa.

After this decidedly unconventional start, she passed her baccalaureate and is starting university - formal schooling essential from age 4? I think not...


Anonymous said...

Cute story. There is no mention if she had any tutoring or lessons from her parents, though.

Did you watch Nim's Island?

emma said...

It reads as if it was somewhat unschooly, but that may be the kind of article guaranteed to accompany that sort of photograph collection rather than reflecting reality. MAybe they were there in the bush with their textbooks every morning.

I meant to say that in some ways the story reminds me of the Lion Children, only with the lion children there's much less of the nature worship in how it's presented, and it happens to be 3 children living on a lion research station in Botswana or somewhere with their mother, and the kind of life they live there (which doesn't involve school, but does involve much more adult-agendaed formal learning).

And no, I haven't seen Nim's Island (keep up with current affairs? moi?) is it on youtube? :-)

Anonymous said...

Everybody likes the idea of the good savage. People would make the exception for that kid not going to school, because he's pure, he lives in harmony with nature.

The kid at home that likes pizza, watches TV, plays computer and has a few stuffed toys as friends has less of a chance.