Sunday, July 01, 2012

OK, I did my bit

1. the duties of local authorities with regard to home education

2. what support (financial and otherwise) is currently available for home educators, including from local authorities and other bodies

3. the quality and accessibility of that support

4. whether current arrangements for financial support are adequate

5. the support available for home-educated students’ transition to further education and higher education

6. what improvements have been made to support for home educators since the December 2009 recommendations of the Children, Schools and Families Committee

7. what guidance is available for local authorities concerning their duties in regard to home education, and the quality of that guidance

8. whether the Government needs to alter existing policy or arrangements concerning the support available for home educators

Edited because Maire read the rules more carefully than me, and we aren't supposed to publish our answers till the end of the consultation!


Maire said...

If this is your submission it shouldn't be published before they publish it. Sorry if I have missed something, too tired to read it now but will do tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll delete then!

Maire said...

Lol, they are burnt into my brain from last time!