Wednesday, October 07, 2009

select committe witnesses next week

sent to the select committee email address

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please would you reconsider the choice of Simon Webb as a witness to the commons select committee? Simon Webb is well known in online home educating circles and, it is fair to say, would not be a good choice for representing any sort of collective (or widely accepted) view. There is widespread shock and distress that he has been selected to speak for home education, given the views he expressed in the Independent earlier this year: here
A more unfortunate choice could hardly have been made.

I am also terribly concerned that so few of the widely representative and well informed HE groups appear on the list - how can there be no representatives from AHEd (the South of the Border sister group to Schoolhouse, who were key in making representations to the Scottish parliament when home education came under review there in recent years) or the Facebook "Stop the UK Government Stigmatising Home Educators" group, which currently has over 2300 members? Please reconsider.


Deb said...

Well done Emma - we can only hope you get a favourable response! Very concerned about this.

Firebird said...

There is also a very BIG question mark over his right to call himself a home educator rather than an EX-Home Educator. He's also lying git who wants to see AE abolished and thinks Badman has the right idea!