Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top Tip for Bureaucrats

Badman wants all HEers to be required to register so that child abusers will be found.

But the people who will register if required are the law abiding.

If I were abusing my children so horrifically that keeping them hidden at home rather than sending them off to school seemed like the best option, would I be losing sleep at night over the possible £1000 fine for failure to register them, and a possible S.A.O. for failing to provide a suitable education? Would I heck as like. I'd be more worried about the multiple life sentences awaiting me, surely.

I'm really failing to see how the registration proposal would be the slightest bit effective. Why would child abusers register their children? What would they have to lose, in the grand scheme of things, by failing to comply?

This is all in the context, of course, that the Badman report in its entirety would be best used to line a cat litter tray rather than to inform government policy.

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