Saturday, August 09, 2008

Here we are - linkage about opting out of EYFS

Spread the word among those with concerns...

nursery/preschool settings and childminders can apply for a temporary exemption (not sure what kind of timescale)

Parents can apply for an exemption on grounds of religious or philosophical conflict

the government site where you can get details

the EYFS lot, who are somewhat unimpressed

I think that concerned parents of children who are going to be affected by this need to start deluging Beverly Hughes and her Whitehall mandarins with requests for exemption...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Shall be reading a lot more and will present the pre-school with it come September...see what they say. But if it's the case that they don't apply for exemption then it's gonna be a no-no. pixieminx (also an emma!!) :-)