Saturday, July 12, 2008

A messagebaord post of which I am feeling proud

I'm not sure it's ok to say

"HEing is fine but you are HEing for reason X, and I don't think X is a valid reason for HEing"

because in conversation one has to simplify, and reason X might just be the thing which is uppermost in one's mind at this precise moment


because reason X might just have been the thing which incensed the person in their conversation with grumpy old Life is Tough git


because you don't HAVE to have a "valid reason" to HE any more than you have to have a valid reason to send your child to school. They are equal before the law in the UK

No-one gets to decide about whether or not a family should or should not be home educating their children except for, ultimately, a court of law. Not me. Not you. Not even an LEA. They can put a case in court if they have good reason to believe that a particular family is failing to educate a child, but it's still up to the court to decide.

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Anonymous said...

I hate it when people ask why we home educate because I don't really know. My answer usually depends on the time of day and my current mood.

And no, it's not really okay to judge a persons decision to home educate unless you are them.