Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ideas for helping a very physical child

Boisterously physical - as in, climbs all over his mother and kicks and has cracked her two front teeth. By accident, presumably.

I suggested:

Find LOTS of opportunities for climbing - trees? playgrounds? softplay? walls? Round the living room without touching the floor? (I used to love that game) If in doubt, scatter more cushions. And a good pair of reins can function like a climbing harness.

Sounds like he needs rough and tumble. How about swinging him round and round by the arms/feet/one arm and one foot? (hint: keep your gaze fixed on one spot and then whip your head round fast to get to that place again, like a dancer - then you won't get as dizzy as him)

Buy a cheap old mattress for bouncing on. Those child's trampolines are good too.

Pillow fights.

Are there any uncles or other relatives who might enjoy a good old rough and tumble?

In all your hours and hours of free time (*chortle - oh no, that's just in the parallel universe where you have a time machine*) might it be worth learning some kind of judo or wrestling or tumbling or something? Then you would know how to fall well and also how to help your child land safely

I think that Lawrence Cohen book called Playful Parenting has stuff about safe physical play, but I can't actually remember if it gave clear guidelines for wrestling. Might be helpful an

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